Thursday, December 9, 2010

Almost christmas

Here is the newest family picture. I love that I have a huge family!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Life is crazy and hectic at the moment. David has been one busy man. He is helping his mom and dad remodel, as well as his new hobby is hunting and elk season is next weekend, then he is busy at work and his new passion of selling guns. So once his day is over there isn't much time left over. Soon though I hope it will go back to normal for him and we will get to see more of him cuz god knows we miss him.

Alexis just turned one!! Oh how the time flies. She is very mobile although not walking yet she manages just fine to get into everything. Korbin has been into shooting with his dad and they both love getting up at the crack of dawn to go shooting in the desert. Madison is in 1st grade now and loves all her new friends that she is making and has been very boy crazy. Rylee is now in kindergarten and loves it. She is so smart and has so much fun everyday. As soon as she wakes every morning she says "can I go to school".

My life is quiet now for about 3 hours everyday where its just me and Alexis hanging out. I'm still in school and probably will be FOREVER :) but our baby is due soon and I am very excited but oh so nervous. I will be a mommy of 5 kids and that just kind of scares me a little. Thats one big family and I hope I can give everyone all the attention they are entitled to as well as take good care of my wonderful hubby and myself. I guess I will keep you posted of that.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been awhile

Holy moly!! Look its been almost a year and its been one crazy year. I had my baby, her name is Alexis Catherine Malcolm, she was born September 26th 2009 and our life has been sooo much fun. She is almost 8 months old now and guess what, we are expecting again. Yes... we are crazy but so excited but very nervous all at once. Alexis will only be 13-14 months old but they will be great friends. We still dont know the gender but will know the latest by June. Well I hope it wont be this long again until I get to blogging...until next time!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Im back!!!

So.... Its been forever since I had a working computer and I just got one. I am excited. So updates you might have missed. Rylee is now 4 and Easter has come and gone. Oh and we are having a baby girl. So here are a few pictures of everyone. Luv ya all

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Madison is 5 already!!!!!

Well I know I am a little behind but better late then never. It was Madison's birthday on February 2nd and we had a small party for her at home while dad wasn't out of town. She got a new bike and some other toys. Korbin even gave her a Hannah Montana poster with his own money. We had fun! We got to go to Chucky Cheese with grandma as well. That was way fun but I don't think I will do it again haha!! Well Madison is 5 now and will be starting school next fall. They are starting a Chinese immersion program where they teach all the kids a second language which is way neat but I will have no idea what the kids are saying to me lol.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A big suprise!!!

Yep, That is right we are now having a baby. We are pregnant and couldn't be any more excited. So far everything has been good, except that all I want to do is sleep. David has been the best hubby ever. He has been taking good care of me and his little one by making sure I get lots of rest and that I eat better. The kids are very excited and they have been good little helpers. Madison and Rylee want a baby sister and Korbin being the only boy wants a brother. David wants a little boy and I just want a healthy baby.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year

So it is a new year and we had such a great year in 08 that we are hoping for the same this year. I have been busy with day care and being the mom. David is loving his new position and the kids are just as busy as ever making messes. We are trying to have a baby now and have not been so successful yet but I am now taking Clomid to maybe push things along. Knowing the Malcolm luck we will end up with 6 or 7 little babies and you will see us on TV. HAHA!!! well keep your fingers crossed and maybe the next post will be some good news. Saturday was David's birthday and I think he had a good day. We left the kids home with the trusty baby sitter (thank you Kenz and Chels) and went to Park City and spent a bunch of money on the new managers ward robe. He looks great and now has lots to choose from. Later that night we got to go out with David's mom and dad for dinner and they are so funny. I think after laughing so hard I might of got my 6 pack back, oh wait just kidding :) Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well it is the end of 2008 and so much has happened for our family and we are very blessed. Our Christmas went great and the kids got spoiled. They have so many people that love them. Thank you everyone!! I am excited for next year though. We have lots of new and exciting things going on and planned. The kids are getting a lot older now and have lots going on so stay posted and I will let you all know what we have been up to.

Friday, December 19, 2008

District Manager

Yep! That is right David got the district manager position at Red Bull. We are very proud of him and all his hard work he has done to get this far. He loves working for Red Bull and is very excited to learn some new things and to get off a truck. I am excited for him to be able to sleep in with me and not have to wake up at 4AM. The kids asked him if he was going to be as tired, they were excited to find out that we will be able to do more stuff as a family.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well last or first she is always the toughest. Rylee our sweet and loving but evil little girl. She has a way of wrapping mommy and daddy around her finger and then getting away with murder well not exactly but close enough. So much fun though. She is talking so much better and getting so big. She is as tall as Madison. The other day I was painting and walked out of their room and she went in and painted the wall the floor her body the ladder the window and screen. I really could of hurt her. But of course I just cleaned our angel off and told her to stay away from mommy as I scrubbed the carpet. So luckily she is still with us. She is so much fun and loves to play with Madison they are very best friends. She is getting so smart and we are very proud of her and all our babies.


Madison... Wow now there is a little bundle of joy and excitement. You never know what she is going to do or say next. Or if she is going to be happy or sad. Oh what a joy of having a girly girl. She is funny, David is kind of teaching her some Spanish but its so funny when she uses it against him and he tells her to clean her room or put on her PJ's and she says "Como" with a big fat smile. She is mommies little helper and will be in kindergarten next year. Yes I am getting old. She loves to help in the kitchen and help clean with mommy but only if she gets mint gum.


I decided to let everyone know what the kids have been up to since some of you haven't seen them in some time if at all. So here it goes one kid at a time. Starting with the oldest is of course our little man Korbin. He just turned 8 which is a fun year for kids. He is in scouts and loves it. He has had a chance to help out at the Utah food bank and he had a blast but I think all they did was eat junk food there. He told me that next time they go he is really going to help. He will be getting baptized in February, which he is very excited about. He is doing better in school now and is trying his hardest to focus. He also just learned to tie his shoes and ride a bike with no training wheels (it's amazing what a child can accomplish when you bribe them). Also last summer he was in his first year of machine pitch for baseball and can't wait till next season.

Hello everyone!!

So we decided that maybe we needed something else besides a myspace page that gave me viruses on our computer soooo here we are on the blogger site setting up a page. I think for all our famliy that is all over the U.S you will get to see more updated pictures of us instead of waiting for me to mail some :)